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2 hours

6D lash – 5 to 6 synthetic lashes are attached to 1 natural lash.

This technique forms more dimension and texture using the multiple lashes. Giving you a voluminous, “eyeliner” effect. It creates maximum fullness to bring out the bold and sexy look. This is usually more long-lasting than the natural series.

Recommended to touch up in 3 weeks time.

SGD 130

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2 hours

4D lash - 3 to 4 synthetic lashes are attached to 1 natural lash.

In this method, finer and lightweight synthetic lashes are used.  It enhances your eyes by having the “eyeliner” effect with a natural fuller set of lashes. This would be a lasting set of extensions since the lightweight synthetic lashes are being used. 

Recommended to touch up in 3 weeks time.

SGD 120

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2 hours

2D lash - 2 synthetic lashes are attached to 1 natural lash.

This application method doubles your lashes count and creating a soft look. This is considered the most basic type of volume technique if you desire a natural look with the added volume lashes without adding extra weight.

Recommended to touch up in 3 weeks time.

SGD 90




2 hours

For anyone who wants a bit added volume but not too dramatic. 

As the name implies, a lash splits into two and forms a "Y" shape eyelash extension.


Hence, it’s called YY lash. 

The "Y" shape lash gives a fuller look as compared to usual natural lashes.

SGD 90

classic single 3_edited.jpg



1 hour 30 mins

A method which 1 synthetic lash is attached to 1 natural lash.


Classic lashes are perfect for clients who already have good density of lashes but want to add more length. Classic lashes look natural by extending the length of your lashes and has a mascara effect.

Recommended to touch up in 2 weeks time.

SGD 70




3 hours

Misty brows are a semi-permanent embroidery solution, giving a soft powder filled brow similar to a fresh makeup look. ​


The tails of the brows are darker and fade into a lighter shade towards the beginning of the brow. Usually, lasts about 1-2 years depending on individual skin.

Price inclusive 1 touchup within 2months

SGD 288

Fake Eyelashes


(Eyelashes only)

1 hour 30 mins

The duration of the touch up also may varies for an individual (i.e. existing lash condition). Please contact us directly for an appointment. *Price indicated is for lashes done by Aglamoras only.

50% OFF



(Eyelashes only)

Duration Varies

This cost applies lashes done by other salons. Removal of lashes done by Aglamoras Beauty is FOC. The duration for removal may vary for individuals due to the existing lash conditions. Please contact us directly for an appointment.

SGD 10-15

Note: All Aglamoras extensions will have 100% coverage on your natural lashes.

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