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Aglamoras Beauty was born from the dreams of Founder Angie Phua, who is motivated by her passion for beautiful aesthetics. Driven by her desire to have a more flexible schedule for family time, Angie took the first step of faith to embark on a new path in her career and opened Aglamoras Beauty in February 2018.

Be assured that you are in good hands as Angie has 18 years of experience in the beauty industry under her belt and actively continues to acquire new knowledge and improve her skills to best serve you! In an intimate environment, experience your bespoke beauty treatment as Angie ensures that your beauty needs are taken care of.



Angie’s lash skills are seriously top-notch, and she's always super gentle and thorough. Whether it's taking off old lashes, cleaning up, or putting on new extensions, she's got that attention to detail down pat.

What really stands out is how Angie has good recommendation on what lash style works best for my eyes. Seriously, she's like a lash wizard – I've even nicknamed her "Magical Hands Angie." 🤭

And let me tell you ah, these lash extensions not only look gorgeous but the retention is pretty great too! I lucked out finding her services, and now my lashes have never looked this good! 😄❤️

Have been going to Angie for eyelash extension since 2019. During my first visit, Angie showed her professionalism. Before the process, she asked if I have any style of lashes in mind, she checked upon my natural lashes, explained whether the style suit me, the overview of the whole process and the likely outcome. She also highlighted to me that the result varies from individuals as not everyone has the same pair of eyes and natural lashes. During the process, she would constantly check if I experienced any discomfort. After the whole process ended, she explained clearly the after care and maintenance of the lashes. Since then, she become my one and only choice for eyelash extension. Her work and the products she used are of high quality. Expect no less from her and your lashes is long lasting compared to others. Never regret on trusting Angie when come to eyelash extension. Love you and thank you.

Been going to Angie for over a year. I love the set of brows she's done for me recently! Above all, it is the professionalism and the passion she has for what she does that keeps me going back.

Phriya  DC, Oct 2023

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Angela Koh, May 2023

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Carrie Xu, Oct 2022

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Angie is very meticulous and skillful. I did both my eyebrow and eyelash with her. Have been going to her for the past 2-3 years and she’s always my go-to place when I need to do my eyelash. The eyelash is of very good quality and long lasting hence very worth it. I feel assured by the quality of her work as she’s someone of very high standards! 😗  

Angie did misty brows for me. Her place was clean, nice and cosy. I feel so comfy lying down on the bed when she did my brows. She’s also very meticulous and detail oriented. She drew my brows and showed me before she started the procedure. She made sure that I was satisfied with the brows before she starts. She’s so caring and will also constantly check if I am comfy and if there’s any pain during the process. Her equipments are also clean and sanitized. After everything is done, she will also check on me to c how’s my brows, the healing etc. Overall, I am immensely happy with my brows and her service. I will definitely go back to her again!

Angie is a God-send beauty therapist who is very professional and upholds high business ethos. Unlike commercially-run businesses, she sets her services apart from others by putting her customers' welfare first. The products that she uses are of high quality and are longer lasting as compared to others. She will also dish out sound advice and will not hesitate to refrain from providing lash services if she deems that it will not be beneficial to the consumer. I also love her skills as it is both an art and science when it comes to lash extensions, to which she had accumulated her knowledge and experience over many years in this industry. Thanks Angie for bringing a trusted service to all! ♥️♥️

Chan Qianling, 15 Dec 2020

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Karenteh75, 10 Dec 2020

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Wendy Goh, 8 Aug 2020

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